Australia Day with the Proud Boys

Celebration for ALL Aussies

The recent divisive arguments coming from the media, Indigenous Australians and Leftists councils regarding Australian Day has to got to stop.

We are all Australians, we all love our country and what happened 200 years ago cannot be undone. It's not our fault and we shouldn't have to have to feel guilty for past atrocities on both sides.

On February 13, 2008, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apoligised on behalf of all Australians to the indigenous peoples for past wrongs. It obviusly hasn't worked, if anything it's made it worse.

We want just one, Australia Day, to celebrate everything great about this country and the socialist left of this country don't even want us to enjoy that.

Shame on them and shame on the division it is causing. Happy Australia Day everyone. Let's come together, not apart.

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